For 15 years, Foralstek has been solving problems related to the delivery of goods to cities and countries of the EU, Great Britain and Georgia. During this time, we have gained extensive experience working with businesses and private customers and know very well what worries our clients the most.

We work under the motto “We will find a solution when everyone else has refused.” In the face of constant world upheaval and eternal turbulence, it is easy to lose balance, but we have learned to stand firmly on our feet. We love and know how to work with complex cases and will do everything possible to help your business and promptly deliver the goods.

Why you should contact us:
  • Our company is...
    ...more than cargo transportation. We will collect the necessary documents, provide warehouse services and advise on any issue.
  • We transport carefully

    You don’t have to worry about the safety of your cargo – delivering it safe and sound is our main goal.

  • We respect deadlines
    And we appreciate your time. We will try to do everything to ensure that the cargo is in place within the pre-agreed time frame.
  • We prepare documents
    We prepare customs documents in the UK and Georgia. This is a complex and painstaking process, but we are well versed in it.
  • Focus on your business
    We will do everything so that you can focus on business, we will take care of everything else - we will label the cargo, take photographs, and deliver it where you need it.
  • We love our job
    We do logistics because we sincerely love this business. Even the most difficult cases and sleepless days and nights on the road.
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Just order shipping services and focus on your important activities. We will take care of all issues of transportation. Just select the required services and contact us.
Explosives, sanctioned cargo, goods used for military purposes.
We transport cargo all over the world, but our leading destinations are Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Spain and the UK.
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Customs clearance required
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Dangerous goods
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Foralstek OÜ

Registration number: 11472699

License number: RVTL006607

Address: Roobu 9, 74114, Harju, Maardu, Estonia

Phone number: +372 59198299 (english and estonian)
+372 5333 2129 (russian and english)

Email: info@foralstek.ee
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